Adam Schell
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Tomato Rhapsody

“The love making in tomato sauce is one of the most delightful love scenes I’ve ever read 다운로드. Masterly throughout. Wonderful comedic romance. It is really hard to get so much right in a first novel.”
~ William Mills Todd III, Harvard University, Professor of Literature

“Adam Schell has probably just written the book that everyone else in the world is trying to write.”
~ Alan Bradley, author of The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie

“Pure escapism! Truly astonishing! Perfect Summer Reading! Tomato Rhapsody is fun!”
~ The Boston Globe

“Schell displays the finesse of a master chef as he spices up the story with a delicious array of humorous subplots … ranging from the bawdy to the sweet … guaranteed to appeal to discerning literary palates.”
~ Booklist

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