Adam Schell

Advance Praise for Tomato Rhapsody

“It takes a lot of confidence to encroach on Shakespearean territory, but Schell displays sufficient moxie in this delectable debut. The lush Tuscan countryside is the predictable yet appropriate setting of his sixteenth-century romp through a multitude of humorous scenarios involving both forbidden love and the introduction of the tomato into the heart, soul, and stomach of the Italian populace glide 이미지. At the core of the novel is a deceptively simple boy-meets-girl plot featuring a lovelorn Jewish tomato farmer and the beautiful Catholic daughter of a devious olive magnate e PageSafer download. Of course, anyone who knows their Shakespeare knows that the course of true love never runs smoothly, and Schell displays the finesse of a master chef as he spices up the story with a delicious array of humorous subplots?ranging from the bawdy to the sweet?guaranteed to appeal to discerning literary palates.”


“Adam Schell has served up a delectable 16th century comedy…an Etruscan laced tavern-speak whose rhymes predate 50 cent by 5 centuries, a forbidden pre-caprese salad tryst between an olive curer and a curator of the newly arrived tomato 다운로드. Mangia!”

–Tim Stark, author of Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer

“Adam Schell’s TOMATO RHAPSODY is a delightful first novel linux openjdk. Full of wry humor and keen observation, it conjures up the sights, the smells, and especially the tastes of a rollicking Renaissance Italy. Grab a fork and dig in!”

–Michael Golding, author of Simple Prayers

“Adam Schell’s TOMATO RHAPSODY is a delicious romance, a succulent romp, a richly synaesthetic and high-lycopene revelry through 16th century Tuscany 다운로드. Eat and drink heartily of this merry historical meal, and be satisfied.”

–Tara Ison, author of A Child out of Alcatraz

“TOMATO RHAPSODY is one of the most self-assured and confident debuts I’ve ever seen 다운로드. Adam Schell has written a lyrical, funny and deeply-felt novel that sings off the page. This novel will move and delight you, and when you dive into this wonderful world you won’t want to leave.”

–Leonard Chang, author of Crossings

“Laden with the scandal of earthy delights, TOMATO RHAPSODY is lusty fable of fateful encounters and triumphant desire, defiance, and destiny virtoo by lg download. It’s a feast for the senses that reads with delicious page-turning delight.”

–Rene Loux, author of The Balanced Plate, Easy Green Living, and Living Cuisine

“An astonishing debut! Adam Schell touches places inside us that we didn’t know we had.”

–Alan Bradley, author of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie